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Dr. Palak Sonvane

Dr. Palak Sonvane is a dentist at W Dental in Vancouver.

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Dr. Palak Sonvane, Vancouver General Dentist

Dr. Palak Sonvane

Trained overseas and now serving the community in Canada, Dr. Palak completed her Dentistry degree in 2017 and further enriched her expertise with a Master’s in Health Care Leadership. She has cleared the NDEB (National Dental Examination Board) licensing exams to practice in Canada.

Passionate about enhancing the health of her patients, she firmly believes in the power of lifelong learning and takes delight in imparting knowledge about oral health and dental care to her patients. She has a unique ability to demystify complex dental concepts using videos and presentations, making it easier for her patients to understand their treatments.

She chose dentistry as her career path as it allowed her to merge her desire to make a positive difference in her community with her passion for helping individuals boost their self-esteem through improved oral health.

In her leisure time, she finds solace in reading and practicing yoga. These hobbies not only help her unwind but also contribute to her holistic approach to healthcare. Her commitment to her profession, dedication to patient education, and personal interests make her a well-rounded healthcare professional who ensures her patients receive comprehensive, understandable, and effective dental care.

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